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Shiny and New

A dark haired woman, Kelly, with a wide smile is looking over her shoulder. The words Kelly Brennan, Voice Actor & Narrator are on the left. To the right is a purple rectangle with words describing different demos.'s a secret.

Seems kind of odd blogging about my new website on my new website but here I am doing it. It was time for a bit of an overhaul, something new and shiny and I was lucky enough to find the perfect designer to fill my need. I want to blabber about her to the masses, but she asked to remain anonymous. So I will keep her secret but I think if you poke around this new site of mine, you will agree that she is pretty amazing!

Kelly Brennan is a professional voice actor, specializing in Commercials, Audio Description, eLearning, Corporate Narration, and Animation. Her voice is versatile & engaging, and her delivery is charismatic and conversational. Add Kelly's voice to your next project HERE >>


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