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A wooden boy with a long nose, Pinnochio, stands against a yellow background. Above him, a title, The Enchanted Village of Pinnochio. To the right are two pictures. One of a girl with dark purple-tinted hair holding a sword in front of her, the other is a small fairy wearing a green dress with a matching green hat holding a small wand.

And that's a wrap.

Over the past year, I’ve had so much fun voicing two characters for The Enchanted Village of Pinnochio, brilliantly directed by Moe Rock. I play the sword-wielding Princess, Somnella, and the oh-so-adorable Fairy, Farfalla. What a treat!

Kelly Brennan is a professional voice actor, specializing in Commercials, Audio Description, eLearning, Corporate Narration, and Animation. Her voice is versatile & engaging, and her delivery is charismatic and conversational. Add Kelly's voice to your next project HERE >>


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