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Boost Your Impact with Audio Description

Let's dive into my not-so-secret love affair with audio description narration and give a big ol' shout-out to the unsung heroes behind the scenes – the incredible writers and producers!

Audio description is like stepping into a world where words are the paint and scenes are the canvas. With every inflection, I'm sprinkling magic that transforms what's seen into what's felt.

But here's the secret sauce – the writers and producers. The writers are the architects & magicians who concoct the perfect blend of words that paint a thousand pictures. Every description, every nuance is a masterpiece they create, and I get to be the lucky one to bring it to life. And to the producers, you're the conductors of this symphony. Your vision brings it all together, turning words into worlds. So, shout-out to all you brilliant writers & producers out there – you're the real MVPs of audio description!

Now, the fun lies in the challenge. How do I capture the grandeur of a sweeping landscape? Or the tension of a suspenseful scene? It's like juggling words and emotions, finding that sweet spot where the description enhances the experience without overshadowing it.

And the cherry on top? The impact. Knowing that my narration allows someone to dive into a story, experience the thrills, and get lost in the magic, regardless of their visual abilities, is a feeling like no other. It's about making the world a bit more inclusive, one well-described scene at a time.

So, why is audio description my favorite genre to voice? Because it's a creative journey that involves teamwork, passion, and a sprinkle of magic. To the writers and producers who make it all happen, thank you for turning words into windows that let us all peek into cinematic wonderlands.

Kelly has voiced over 500 audio description projects and can be heard on Netflix, Max, Disney+ and more...

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Kelly Brennan is an award-winning Professional Voice Actor and Narrator, specializing in Commercials, Audio Description, eLearning, Corporate Narration, and Animation. Her voice is versatile & engaging, and her delivery is charismatic and conversational. Add Kelly's voice to your next project HERE >>


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