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A Surprise Birthday Gift

A picture of Myrna, a smiling white-haired woman wearing glasses and a yellow shirt with black lines, with Kelly, a dark-haired woman, also smiling and wearing glasses and a black shirt

Birthday Memories

Today is my Mom's 80th Birthday. I surprised her with a birthday sleepover! We sat and talked and laughed and stayed up past midnight so I could wish her a proper "Happy Birthday". It was what I needed, what my soul needed. So while this amazing lady was thrilled to have an evening with her daughter to ring in her 80th birthday, I was the one who received the gift. Find the moments...

Kelly Brennan is a professional voice actor, specializing in Commercials, Audio Description, eLearning, Corporate Narration, and Animation. Her voice is versatile & engaging, and her delivery is charismatic and conversational. Add Kelly's voice to your next project HERE >>


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