130 Kids and Me!

Okay, so I just finished directing 130 kids in a production! Say what? My kid played Humpty Dumpty. And while I may be biased, I think he’s got a great set of pipes. See so for yourself!

So, yeah, 130 kids. Yes, it was crazy. Yes, I may have lost a little bit more of my mind. Yes, it was worth it.

When I direct a show, I am all in. Hours and hours were spent blocking, choreographing, teaching music, lines, working on sets, costumes. I always tell the kids, I want people walking away saying “That was an Intermediate School production??!” and not saying “Well, what did you expect, it’s only an Intermediate School”.


Alice@Wonderland – a modern spin on Alice in Wonderland was a huge success! A shout out to all of the awesome kids that worked long and hard to make it something special!

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