Happy New “Holy Cow, how did that happen?” Year! (and a blooper reel)

Holy Cow! It's a New Year!

Happy New Year! Not sure how and when a full year passed by but it did and 2015 and I are staring each other in the face.

You know, it’s that blank stare of not quite sure how we’re greeting each other or what to say. Guess we will bat our eyelashes, hold hands and start on our merry way to a year full of possibilities!

Did your company have a Holiday Party? Mine did! Of course, when it’s a party of one, conversation can come to a lull fairly quickly so I put together a 9-second Holiday reel of some of my finer moments in the voice over booth to entertain everyone (er, uh, me) at the party.

Yes, I’m going to share it with you. I certainly wouldn’t just tease you with that info and then leave you hanging! I think I’ll add more of these throughout the year. Can’t take yourself too seriously!

Okay, 2015, here we go!

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